Hi everyone,

Its picture of Grey!

Featured image

Many thanks to Mikio415 for the sketch! I am not sure where I will put artwork yet, but I’m gonna make some room somewhere.

I am also going to post the next few chapters quite rapidly. Not much to change, as I do like what happened, and I want to start on the chapters I haven’t written yet.

I am debating whether I should add anything to when he gets sent to the Largos De Varion.

I got to brainstorm for a bit. Editing kind of like whacking my head on computer. It look alright because I wrote it, but I know something is wrong.  Just don’t know what it is.

Dark Lord Saga Ch. 10 Released!!!!

Hi everyone,

Chapter 10 : The Adventurer’s Camp has been released!

I think the quality suffered a little bit because of the quick pace, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it came out. All the important stuff was said, and it’s coherent to where I can easily edit it at a much later time.

If there is any mistakes or corrections you want me to make leave a comment! And I’ll try to get to it a soon as I can. I’m off to work on Chapter 11.


Donation Page is Up!

Hi everyone,

So I have been kind of reluctant to put up a donation button. Just because I just feel like too many people just write online for the money, and I kind of don’t want to be that kind of person who writes because of money. Since I feel it distracts from the storytelling in some small way.

But! I am not going to lie it would be a dream come true if I could write for a living and get paid for it. So if you really enjoy this web fiction and you want to support me. I put up a donation button that I can one day write for a living and make my dreams come true! Bwahahaha! lol.

Okay no more evil laugh.

In the meantime, I will try to spend all the money I get towards artwork for the book. This is book covers, maps, or character design. Anything I can think of that will help this story become that much better. If any of you want to draw something just let me know! So I can link to your deviant art or wherever you post your drawings.


P.S. Please send me an email whenever you donate so I know who to thank!

Dark Lord Saga Ch. 8 Released!!!!

Hi everyone,

Here is Chapter 8 : Little Cloud ! I am trying to get back in the grove of posting everyday. I’ll try to fix the time at around 11:00AM PST. So new chapters should arrive at that time everyday, but I make no promises! I think once I get into a habit it’ll become much easier.

I was also was debating the use of older sister/brother in this dialogue. I know some people might find it off, but it more of a convention of eastern countries. I know even in the philippines you have girls, especially sales people, refer to men as older brother. Older brother come take a look at my goods. Handsome man. Haha, or something like that to get people to come buy stuff at their stalls.

Anyway! I’ll see you all in a bit, one more announcement before I start off on the next chapter.


Dark Lord Saga Ch. 7 Released!

Hi everyone,

Just did a quick run through of the Chapter 7 and posted it! Here it is!

Chapter 7 : Frost Wolf

I also gotten to watch an inspirational video made by Er Gen a popular chinese webnovelist who wrote “I shall seal the heavens.” which was kindly translated into English by DeathBlade.

He kind of details his struggles in trying to write, and that he posts somewhere along 1-2 chapters everyday. Thinking about it now. This story is so long that if I carry on in my current pace I may never finish in my lifetime, haha. So perhaps it may be better if I return to daily chapter updates.

I’m just worried that the quality will sink down too much, and I will be unhappy with it. Well, here’s seeing how it goes. I’ll do a bit of a test to see if I can keep up the pace. If I can I’ll try to endeavor on finishing it as fast and as well as I am able to!


Dark Lord Saga Ch.1-Ch. 6 Released!

Hi everyone,

Ch.1 to Ch.6 Have been released! A few edits here and there, but I’m quite proud of how the start has turned out. I kind of look back on it and wonder if I was the same person who wrote it. Haha.

Anyway, I will release the next few chapters fairly quickly till Ch. 8 to hurry myself up to the end of the first book. I have plans to make the Dark Lord Saga somewhere around 1,000+ chapters if my time and commitment will permit me.


Hello World!

Hello World,

This is the start of a brand new adventure. An adventure into online webnovels. I’ve read quite a few webnovels in the last past six months and well, thought I might try my hand at writing some of the thoughts that have been lingering in my head since forever.

I’m somewhat aware that by posting novels online it may ruin my chances at getting published. I really do want to be professional published one day. But I’m an amatuer writer, and I kind of want to build up my confidence before I try to submit anything.

To just have something fun to do besides playing games, and watching my creations come to life. This brings the greatest joy for me. Haha, now if only this could pay the bills. That would be great. I have to remind myself that most people who do webnovels don’t really make a lot of money, and to keep this as one of my side hobbies.

Like soccer or football, but one I share with the internet instead of a few friends. Anyway, those are some of my lingering thoughts as I start up this webpage. Now lets see if I can start filling up this place with some fantastic work.