Hi everyone,

I know I haven’t been around much this week. It’s been hard for me. I’ve been really stressed out and haven’t found the time to write anything.

I don’t know if I am going to put this on hold till I find work, but right now I am unemployed and I really need to make the effort to find work so I don’t get evicted.

I recommend if you are reading to just follow this blog so you know when I am updating it. I’ll try to keep up notes here and there if you guys are wondering what’s happening on my end.


Dark Lord Saga Ch. 24 Release!!!

Hi everyone,

Dark Lord Saga! Chapter 24 : Field of Battle has been released!

For this chapter. I really thought long and hard about the kind of incantation’s mages would use for their spells. I know a lot of people take inspiration from japanese/chinese webnovels for their naming scheme and attacks, but I wanted a little more consistency because my world is fusion fantasy between Chinese and European mythology.

With all the books in the world. There was like totally no way there wasn’t a book somewhere that had a spell system that would be totally cool. I mean at some point some genius had to come up with some awesome lines to say in a row to cast a magical spell. So off I went a searching.

In the end, I decided to go with a similar word convention used by Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light. It’s an old cartoon. I don’t think anyone really remembers it anymore.  It is more traditional Europe and when you think of magic. I think the spell casting in it fit perfectly. Haha. It’s like a short series of poems where you say what you want to happen and I think the wordplay can be very witty.

Though in hindsight…this does mean it takes me a while to come up with the lines myself whenever some mage gets into a fight…

I mean for this chapter when Loch casts his spell. It took me like an hour to come up with his three sentences incantation! Three sentences took ONE HOUR. WTF! LOL. I didn’t even notice till I looked at the clock.

More hard work! But it feels right, haha. Now back to job hunting.


Dark Lord Saga Ch. 19 Release!!!

Hi everyone,

Chapter 19 : Harshness of a Child has been released! I have to wake-up early tomorrow for the job interview. So I decided to put this up before I go to bed.

I am thinking of taking some art classes at my local college if I get the job.  I kind of figured if at some point I want to illustrate my own work. Though it might take like 10 or so years to get good. I suck at drawing, haha.

Anyway! See ya’ll tomorrow night.




Hi everyone,

I’ll have time to post the new chapter tomorrow at the normal time of 11:00AM. I’ll try to settle a schedule so that I post a chapter day once I finish a few more job applications, and get that running.


Dark Lord Saga Ch. 11- Ch.17 Release!!

So I decided as I was reading it over, to do a few corrections, mostly minor stuff. Nothing substantial, so for everyone who has already read these chapters. They shall be mostly the same. So I figured I post it all, and get to the stuff that isn’t the same.

I actually spent 5-6 hours on a new chapter, but decided to cut it as it didn’t quite fit the mood for the rest of the story. So I scrapped it.

So if you guys want to know how I wrote these chapters for the first time back I think back in February?. This is literally what I did to prep myself.

I spend like 3 to 4 hours listening to chinese music. Alone in my room. To just get into the mood of writing. And then I picked a theme for what the chapter is about. And then I write chapter in 2-3 hours. And after I finish the chapter. I spend like 1 hour deleting words that I don’t think are necessary until it is as concise as possible. With no filler, random, descriptions.

Of course once I got to Chapter 18ish. This kind of changed. Someone wanted me to try to write in a more modern western fantasy voice. So I tried it. And then I got messed up and everything became less intuitive. So lately all this work I have been doing has always trying to get back to the original way I wrote this story. And eventually one of these days after dabbling in different writing styles I’ll find a way to make one that sticks and works, and I’ll always be amazing at writing.

But till, I am going to struggle. And I am going to struggle a lot. Haha. I just wanted to share for a bit as we continue forward into uncharted territory. Now on to the next chapter!

Edit: Actually, I’ll be taking a bit of a break. It might be one or two days. Just to brainstorm. I have do a bit of job hunting, and that’s going to dig into time I need to write.